Scripture Memory Verse For February: Isaiah 58:9 “You shall call, and the Lord will answer.”

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Bulletin For 2/26/2017

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow, we celebrate the Transfiguration, an event of central importance in Jesus' life and in the lives of his three closest friends. While on the top of a mountain, Peter, James, and John have a vision of Jesus [...]


Bulletin For 2/12/2017

Hi Everyone, Seeing the beauty of fresh, white snow blanketing the landscape reminds me of God's mercy and grace, extended to all who acknowledge their need of it. In fact, it brings back King David's prayer for cleansing and pardon [...]


Bulletin For 2/5/2017

Hi Everyone, As the gray days of winter drag on, it's tempting to allow our spirits to sag. How can it be otherwise? Daily struggling against the cold and snow is wearisome! But the prophet Isaiah reminds us of God's [...]


Living The Dash

About a week ago I was half listening to someone on the radio and he mentioned the phrase "living the dash". My ears perked up when I heard that because I didn't know what he was talking about. I then [...]